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Certificate in Construction Industry

Construction Industry Certificate by International OSHA Council provides training through our outreach training centres (OTCs) worldwide.

Construction industry certificate gives a better foundation for managers, supervisors and staff with construction safety among their day to day responsibilities at their workplaces.

International OSHA Council International certifications are globally recognized qualifications, widely taken as a first step towards a career in Construction Industry. This program develops ability to recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of Construction Industry hazards at workplaces.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive an International Certificate in Construction Industry from International OSHA Council within 6-8 weeks.

Certificate Course is divided into two Units:

Module Particulars
Module 1 Occupational safety and Health (OSH) – Policy & Planning
Module 2 Occupational safety and Health (OSH) – Organize & Implement
Module 3 Occupational safety and Health (OSH) – Risk Assessment (JSA)
Module 4 Occupational safety and Health (OSH) – Review & Improvement
Module 5 Introduction to Construction Safety
Module 6 Electrical Safety
Module 7 Transport Safety
Module 8 Scaffolding and Excavation Safety
Module 9 Working at Height Safety
Module 10 Crane Safety
Module 11 Manual and Mechanical Handling Safety
Module 12 Personnel Protective Equipment


Certification Course

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