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About International OSHA Council

International OSHA Council stands out with the objective to assure safe and healthful working conditions for workers by setting and promoting American safety standards, and by providing outreach programs, education and assistance to the safety industry world over. With the increase in demand for American safety standards globally and recent development by International OSHA, International OSHA Council has carved out the niche for Safety and Health following extensive research by safety professionals, training providers, employers and industry experts around the globe. International OSHA Council has repositioned its wide range of certifications with an aim to provide safety professionals with more comprehensive and valuable career support, endorsed by internationally recognized certification brands.

International International OSHA Council professional safety certifications allow candidates to learn new skills in specific industries and develop safety skills which measure competence, ability and performance. This helps to promote career development and provide a competitive edge for employees.

International OSHA Council offers safety professionals a wide range of internationally recognized qualifications such as Diploma, Certificate & 30-hours International OSHA Cards.

Qualifications from International OSHA Council are delivered through a network of OTCs (Outreach Training Centres) and ATs (Authorized Trainers). This network of OTCs & ATs ensure the training and examination processes in various disciplines is being delivered as per stringent guidelines set by International OSHA Council.


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