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INTERNATIONAL OSHA Council stands out with the objective to assure safe and healthful working conditions for workers by setting and promoting American safety standards, and by providing outreach programs, education and assistance to the safety industry world over. With the increase in demand for American safety standards globally and recent development by OSHA DoL, OSHA Council has carved out the niche for Safety and Health following extensive research by safety professionals, training providers, employers and industry experts around the globe. OSHA Council has repositioned its wide range of certifications with an aim to provide safety professionals with more comprehensive and valuable career support, endorsed by internationally recognized certification brands.


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We implement the winning marketing strategies that drive unique value to your business.

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We know time is precious and money in business. So, we set executable deadlines and deliver the project on-time.

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We truly understand the whole business, not just the marketing and keep evolving with the latest updates and trends.


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Code of Ethics

Act safely, responsibly, honorably, honestly, justly and legally. Read here further about the International OSHA Council code of conduct

Value of Certification

Apart from any entry into one of the largest communities of recognized safety professionals in the world, know more about the value of a OSHA Council certification.

Which certifications do I qualify for?

Check our various ceritfication programs and find which certifications you qualify for.

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Infomation about this qualification,eligibility,career opportunities,topics covered in these modules and the framework.


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